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PRO600 V8 Secondary Injector Harness


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The FuelTech PRO600 Secondary Injector harness is designed as a true plug and play expansion to complement the PRO600 V8 harness. With this expansion harness the user can expand to a total of 16 fully sequential injectors with simple pre-terminated connections. The harness is fitted with a 24 position CPC firewall connection making adding a second set of injectors a breeze! The harness includes a single 30amp relay and fuse protection, two connections for peak and hold driver’s and is set up to suit EV1 style injectors. The PRO600 Secondary Injector harness has a label for each connector and the insulation is heat, moisture and oil resistant.
    • For use with 16 injector applications
    • EV1 Injector connector
    • Plug n’ Play design compatible with PRO600 Harness
    • Uses PRO600 Outputs Connector A (Blue Wires)
    • Includes: 8 injector connectors, Fuse, Relay, Auxiliary power connector (power from battery), 12-way Connector for connection with ECU Peak and Hold Pro connector and CPC Connector for firewall

    Please contact us with any questions to confirm compatibility with your setup.