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FuelTech FT600

October 10, 2016

It is with great pleasure and pride that we present our newest EFI: the FuelTech FT600!

Using the same technology as the FT500 and FT500LITE, which launched the Power FT platform and revolutionized the market, the FT600 is the newest top of the line FuelTech EFI.

The FT600 uses the same FTManager software and shares all the resources and existing functions of the FT500, with several new features such as:

The new injected aluminum chassis with high quality rubber seals makes the FT600 waterproof.

The ECU uses four rubber mounts to provide strong and anti-vibration fixation.

Its unique design with an anti-glare flap prevents the projection of the LCD screen on the vehicle’s windscreen.

10 RGB LEDs have been incorporated above the LCD screen with configurable color and intensity for use as progressive SHIFT LIGHT.

In addition, it also has 4 configurable side LEDs that can be used as a status indicator for any input, output or alerts such as oil pressure, battery voltage, traction control and 2-step, among others.

With a new next-generation graphics processor, the LCD touchscreen incorporates a redesigned dashboard, thought for the racer who needs to view the information quickly and easily.

Everything was designed in order to make the FT600 a full vehicle dashboard, with complete data as speedometer, fuel level, RPM and all the information available on the car.

The new automotive type connectors are sealed, stronger and provide a total of 68 pins, what brings a total of 20 sensor inputs on the FT600 (versus 11 on the FT500) and 32 outputs (against 20 on the FT500), now you can use everything the unit offers never going short of inputs or outputs.

The integrated high precision accelerometer and gyroscope automatically brings a G meter, lateral G force, yaw and pitch measures to the unit’s internal datalogger. Tools that are greatly important for power management and chassis setup.

Besides the BoostController, which had already been integrated into the FT500, another great feature that was added to the FT600 is the GearController that, through a strain gage sensor installed on the shifter, makes the unit able to manage the ignition cuts for clutchless gear shifting on dog engagement equipped gearboxes.

The FT600 offers three harness options:

  • Unterminated 10ft universal FT600 harness: recommended for those wiring everything from scratch.
  • FT500 to FT600 adapter: plug and play in your existing installation.
  • FT600 connectors and terminal kit: for those wanting to keep the existing harness, replacing just the EFI plug with the FT600 connector.

The FT600 offers full compatibility with FT500 maps! Just open your existing FT500 file on the FTManager software version 3.0 or higher and write it right into your FT600.

The Power FT platform will receive numerous software updates that will help you enjoy the full potential of your FT500LITE, FT500 and FT600.

FuelTech FT600. The next level in electronic fuel injection!


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