FuelTech Down Under

Australia shook in the past week with an impressive drag racing record flooding. FuelTech USA, backed up by Pro Line Racing, Dandy Engines and Moits racing team, made an special test session to get all of the FuelTech FT500 EFI system at Sydney Dragway!

Paul Mouhayet showed some monster driving and not just smashed the Outlaw 10.5 record with a blasting 5.86s @ 255mph for the quickest and fastest pass ever but also made a blistering 5.584s @ 261.67mph on his black Mustang ProMod to be the fastest and quickest door car in the world down under.

If that isn't enough, he gave Paul Todarello a small help on his hatchback Torana shakedown to get the quickest and fastest pass ever for a Pro Street Blown with an 6.51s @ 223mph! Joe Gauci got 2 personal bests with the Profab Motorsport Fabrications Cortina running 4.56s @ 169mph in the 1/8 and 6.97s @ 212mph for his first 6 second pass in the 1/4!

Jeremy Callaghan runs 6.49s @ 223mph for his personal best in his ever winning Camaro, Marc Leake , that also win races all the time, got his personal best with an 6.80s @ 200mph. Dom Luppino got really close to his personal best with a 6.67s @ 229mph and Frank Marchese just not only ran again in the 7 seconds range with his street car, he ran an really impressive 7.43s @ 191mph with the full metal and glass street Falcon XW!!!

The FuelTech team is really proud of being part of all these accomplishments and really appreciate all the effort that everyone directly or indirectly involved made to get these results!

Photos by FullBOOST