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Staging / Brake Control Solid State Relay


Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 1:00pm EST


This relay can be used for the following:

  • FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450 built-in Staging Control
  • FT600 / FT550 / FT500 / FT500LITE / FT450 built-in Brake Control

Fast switching speed which is perfect for PWM control and for use as a normal relay. No mechanical parts inside. Silent operation.

  • 12V Solid State Relay
  • Max Current: 20A
  • PWM frequency: 0-1000Hz

Dimensions (L x W x H): 27mm x 27mm x 26mm (1.07in x 1.07in x 1.02in)
Weight: 30g


Electrical Connections:

  • 30 - Switched 12V - Use fuse
  • 85 - Not connected
  • 86 - Trigger - FT auxiliary output (activated when switched to ground)
  • 87 - Output for load - Normally Open contact - 20A: