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FT600 13B Pro Race Rotary


Shipping Cut-Off:  USPS 9:30am EST / UPS 3:00pm EST

FT600 13B Pro Race Rotary Package
  • 1x FT600 EFI System
  • 1x FT600 10ft Unterminated Harness
  • 1x WB-O2 Nano
  • 1x WB-O2 Nano 6.5ft Unterminated Harness
  • 1x Bosch WB-O2 Sensor
  • 2x ETM-1 EGT Conditioners
  • 2x Exposed Tip Thermocouples (36")
  • 1x Water Temperature Sensor w/ plug kit
  • 3x 0-150 Pressure Sensors w/ plug kits
  • 1x Air/Liquid Thermocouple
  • 1x Boost Controller Dual Valve Kit
  • 1x Davis 3/8-24" Driveshaft sensor
  • 1x Davis 2.25" Split Collar
  • 2x Peak & Hold 8A/2A Injector Drivers
  • 2x Peak and Hold 6ft Unterminated Harnesses
  • 1x FTSPARK-4
  • 1x FTSPARK-4 Unterminated Harness
  • 4x CDI Coils w/ plug kits