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Billet Supercharger 10mm shaft dual ball bearing upgrade kit for Yamaha SVHO


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The Billet Supercharger 10mm shaft dual ball bearing upgrade kit for Yamaha SVHO was developed to upgrade the latest Yamaha SVHO supercharger that is prone to fail under high performance applications.

Replacing the weak 8mm stock shaft by this 10mm shaft is made in one piece with the gear, having longer thread that allows to use aftermarket impellers, including the future releases that requires longer shaft and built in nut design from Fizzle Racing and other manufacturers. The impeller is not included on this kit and the stock SVHO impeller would have to be drilled to 10mm, shortened and balanced to be used.

The back plate is made of billet aluminum and is a 2 piece construction that has additional o'ring sealing to the supercharger cover (where stock usually leaks) and between the center piece.

This stock back plate from the stock supercharger is what usually gets damage when a shaft failure happens but not the front cover neither the center housing, so this kit is typically used to bring back to life a damaged supercharger by replacing everything that is damaged.

The dual ceramic ball bearing is another huge improvement over the journal bearing that is very sensitive to oil starvation and pressure (consult our Billet Oil pan for Yamaha to see how to fix it), so by removing this bearing and using the dual ball bearing the shaft is perfectly centered and revs much easier, helping even the supercharger clutch.

There is also the thrust bearing which is only used to support the ball bearing now, a back cover that also is only to support the rear ball bearing and a strong oil slinger to seal oil to the compressor side.

The kit requires no machining to be installed.