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Backpressure Dampening Canister


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  • The FuelTech Backpressure Dampening Canister is a great addition to any turbocharged engine. Measuring the exhaust back pressure is vital data required to best determine the true efficiency of your combination.


By separating the back-pressure sensor from direct connection to the exhaust manifold using the FuelTech Backpressure Canister, the sensor is protected from heat and moisture. The built-in pressure spike filter also protects the sensor from pressure spikes, allowing the sensor to provide more accurate exhaust manifold pressure data.  

The FuelTech Backpressure Canister manufactured using billet aluminum and measures 2 ¾” x 2 ½” with mounting holes 2” center to center. The sensor port and hardline inlet are tapped to 1/8” NPT. Add one to your project today!