1. Are the FT700 and FT700PLUS water resistant?

The FT700 and FT700PLUS are IP67 rated, making them a great choice for marine and off-road applications.


2. Can the FT700 be used with diesel engines?

We are currently working on adding diesel compatibility with plans to add it to the FT700 via a future software update.


3. Will the FT700 have traction control using boost control?

Yes, it is capable of using boost control along with traction control strategies.


4. Can electronic devices, such as fly-by-wire throttle and electronic steering, be controlled from the ECU touchscreen, laptop, smartphone, etc?

Yes, you will be able to control electronic components from the FT700's multi-touch screen or wirelessly from a connected laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  


5. How secure is it against cyber attacks?

The FT700 was developed with an emphasis on security. We have included authentication protocols and end-to-end encryption to ensure to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to your FT700.  


6. What are the fueling calculations for the base table and modifiers based on?

The FT700 allows you to select pulse width based fueling calculations or VE. Additional options such as torque based tuning or lb/hr may be added in a future software update.


7. Does the FT700 have knock control?

We are currently working to add knock control to the FT700 system with plans to add it to the system via a future software update.


8. What is the FTCloud?

FTCloud is a cloud based service that allows you to securely upload and store datalogs, MAPS, tune revisions, and more on your FTCloud profile. This allows you to externally back-up your files and access them as needed. With cloud based files, you can send your datalogs directly to your tuner on the cloud and grant them permission to send tuning revisions directly to your ECU. You will also be able to access base MAPS directly from your FTCloud account.