FT500 LS Series Wiring Harness

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  • The FuelTech LS Main Wiring Harness is the proper link between the FuelTech FT500 ECU and all of your sensors and actuators
  • The harness has all the components needed to make a plug and play installation on an engine
  • It has all the relays and fuses needed for the system on a standard setup, a firewall gommet to hold and seal the harness and every connector has its own label
  • The insulation and connectors are humidity, heat and oil resistant

Available in EV1, EV6EV14 and Nippon Denso injector configurations. Setup for use with OEM coil harnesses (wasted spark ignition) and have ability to use cable throttle body or electronic throttle.

Please confirm compatibility of your electronic throttle body with our tech support. For more details contact our Tech Support.

    Contents of Packaging

    • 1 FT500 LS Series Wiring Harness
    • 1 Operation and installation guide