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Setting Up Flex Fuel

April 01, 2020




1. Open the FTMANAGER software and open Map Options in the task bar.

2. Once you have a Flex Fuel Sensor wired to your ECU, enable the Flex Fuel Function.

3. Under the other functions tab, select Flex Fuel and choose the Ethanol Content % the ECU will default to if the sensor fails. 

4. Click on the Flex Fuel Wizard to choose your starting reference point. This will use the sensor to choose your starting point based on current ethanol content. 

5. Next, navigate to Main Fuel Injection Compensation and adjust the table based on ethanol content to get the correct fueling.

6. Adjust your Engine Start and Prime Pulse Compensation based on ethanol content to get the proper starting fuel at any ethanol content. 

7. Next, adjust your Acceleration Fuel Enrichment Compensation based on ethanol content so the car revs clean and has good throttle response at any ethanol content. 

8. Click O2 Closed Loop Target Compensation. Here you can adjust your target lambda or AFR based on ethanol percentage. This allows richer or leaner mixtures to be targeted if needed.

9. Next, adjust your main ignition compensation based off of ethanol percentage. This allows your to add or subtract ignition timing to your main timing Map based on ethanol content. 

10. Finally, you can add or remove Wastegate Pressure based on your ethanol percentage. This allows you to run higher boost when you have more ethanol content if desired.