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Missing Tooth Trigger Wheel

April 06, 2020



1. Put the engine at top dead center cylinder number 1

2. Rotate the engine counterclockwise until the magnet/tooth that is just before the missing magnet/tooh lines up with your crank trigger sensor.

3. Now, look at what your timing pointer says and enter that number into the crank index position in the software.

4. Next, index your CAM Sync sensor.

5. For this, put the engine back to top dead center cylinder number 1.

6. Then rotate the engine counterclockwise to 90 degrees before top dead center.

7. Install your Cam Sync Sensor.

8. Align the Cam Sync Sensor with the magnet or tooth. 

9. Enter 90 degrees in the Cam index position on the software. 

10. You are now ready to start the engine and check timing with a timing light.

11. With the engine running, click the ignition calibration button on the laptop.

12. Next, a small window will pop up with your index position and a locked timing value of 20 degrees.  

13. Finally, use the Plus and Minus buttons to adjust the index position until the actual timing matches 20 degrees on the timing light.