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How to setup a 4L60E/4L65E with FTMANAGER

March 29, 2020

Step by step ECU setup for 4L60E/4L65E transmission:

The step by step instruction was built for 4L60E/4L65E transmissions wired as the diagram:

Enable Transmission Control feature:

  • In Engine Settings – Map Options check the boxes:
    • Automatic Transmission Control.

    • Lockup control.

    • Gear change detection.


  • In Sensors and Calibration - Inputs:
    • TPS – Calibrated – Input must be selected according with the engine wiring.
    • Driveshaft RPM – Needs VR to Hall Converter (Hall wheel speed sensor can also be used).
    • Transmission Temperature – Default (GM USA).
    • Brake Switch – Default – required only if “deactivate Lockup when brake pedal pressed” feature is desired and there is no brake pressure sensor.
    • AT Range Selector – Switch A - Default.
    • AT Range Selector – Switch B - Default.
    • AT Range Selector – Switch C - Default.


  • In Sensors and Calibration - Outputs.
    • Select outputs for the Transmission Solenoids (A, B and C), Blue or Gray outputs can be used.
    • Select according with your available outputs.
    • For Lockup solenoid and Line Pressure solenoid select Yellow Outputs.

Gear Change Detection:

  • In Sensors and Calibration – Gear change detection.
    • Information about the differential and gearbox for Gear Detection.
    • Detection type: “By Automatic transmission Control”.

Automatic Transmission Range Selector (lever position):

  • In Sensors and Calibration – AT range selector.

    • The settings for the input from the lever position should be as below:

    • The 4L60E/4L65E transmission sends to the ECU the same signal for Park and Neutral, so it’s the user's choice to select N or P instead.

Drive shaft RPM:

  • In Sensors and Calibration – Drive shaft RPM.
    • When using the 4L60E/4L65E transmission VSS, set 40 teeth and select your differential ratio and tire size info. Wheel speed sensor can be used instead.

Automatic Transmission Control:

  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control.
    • User preferences for transmission control settings.


  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control - Solenoids.
    • Solenoid A and B: 75Hz.
    • Solenoid C: 50Hz and 0.2 seconds.
    • Line pressure solenoid: 293Hz.

Gear change trigger table uses the same values for Upshift and Downshift:

  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control – Gear change trigger table.

Gear Change Table:

  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control – Gear change table.
    • The values of the picture below are just a suggestion to start, do your own research and tell the ECU when to shift gears.
    • Do not set the same speed for upshift and downshift for the same TPS position.
    • The speed for upshift will always be higher than downshift, at least 2 miles/hour apart to avoid constantly gear shifting.

Gearbox Line Pressure Table:

  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control – Gear line pressure table.
    • This table is to adjust the Line pressure for smooth gear shifting and stable engine idle.
    • Since the line pressure directly affects the torque converter, the adjustment is needed for a smooth run and will depend on the torque converter installed.
    • Line pressure solenoids reduce the line pressure when activated, as so, if not using the output for controlling it, your 4L60E/4L65E will apply full line pressure at all time.
    • To reduce line pressure, you should increase the percentage of duty cycle on the solenoid. Values below are suggestive.

Line pressure by temperature compensation:

  • In Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control – Line pressure by temperature compensation.
    • ATF’s density and viscosity drastically changes with temperature, that’s one of the reasons why using transmission temperature sensor is important to guarantee smooth operation. To reduce the pressure and maintain a smooth operation of your transmission system you should add more duty cycle on the solenoids, as showed:

Gear change line pressure:

  • in Other Functions – Automatic Transmission Control – Gear change line pressure compensation.
    • A momentary reduction of line pressure at the gear change, making even smoother gear changing. Suggestive values below.

Lockup Control:

  • In Other Functions – Lockup control.
    • PWM frequency can remain “0 Hz”.

Lockup Table:

  • In Other Functions – Lockup control – Lockup table.

    • The Lockup Table should follow the same logic as the gear changing table, Lock-up speeds should be higher than Unlock speeds 2mph apart to avoid constantly locking and unlocking converter.