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How to install a FuelTech WB-O2 Nano!

June 17, 2020

Simple Wideband O2 Information using FuelTech WB-O2 Nano Technology Information is a key element to safely producing more horsepower and FuelTech makes it easy to monitor the air/fuel ratio using a Bosch LSU 4.2 sensor.

FuelTech WB-O2 NANO - A Great Little Evolution!

Whether you are using a single WB-O2 Nano on one bank of the engine or a unit to monitor each cylinder separately, it is a compact sized product that uses CAN communication with all FuelTech engine management systems.

WB-O2 Nano

A small digital readout can be mounted in the driver’s compartment for quick reference and adding the O2 sensor to the ECU doesn’t occupy the valuable analog input channels.

WB-O2 Nano

The WB-O2 Nano is compatible with other engine management and data logging systems.