Street-ish Car!

Something that sports car enthusiast enjoy is the ability to move through traffic a little quicker than most. For lots of drag racers, the car of choice is the older generation “Fox Body” Mustang. In this particular case, this isn't your typical bolt-on Mustang. Actually, it relates more to a super car when it comes to straight line performance.

Powered by the popular LSX small block V8 platform, this little coupe is capable of reaching 160mph in only 4.5 seconds! We are talking about going 0-60mph in just a touch over a single second. That’s faster than any production super car or super bike available today!

This street car has been through quite a few updates since it was purchased by Michael Bunton, owner of MJB Performance. Located in Savannah, GA, MJB Performance is one of the major dealers for FuelTech. Michael’s impressive turbocharged Fox Body Mustang used to run on E85 fuel with an FuelTech FT500 EFI system. Over the winter the car received an overhaul and now sports the latest FuelTech FT600 EFI system, bigger 98m turbo, and drinks methanol on race day. This new setup produces over 2000hp and gets down the race track on a small 275 radial tire!

Michael Bunton isn’t a stranger when he shows up to enter his Mustang in street classes at the track, especially on the East coast. He has left the track victorious and with a little more money in his pocket more times than his competitors would like to admit. Last month he made a huge statement when qualifying his street car and going rounds in the extremely competitive PRO275 class at Lights Out 8!

This amazingly efficient street car shows how it is possible to have a “simple” setup by using only a FuelTech FT600 to control the whole car and still give the professional racers a run for their money.


Photos by Kevin DiOssi