New FT500, FT500LITE and FT600 update

Follow the steps below to update the module:

Step 1 - Before update the ECU, back up the maps and logs in the module: It`s recommended to back up all the important maps and logs contained in the FT500, FT500LITE or FT600 the update won`t delete the maps, but will delete the logs.


Step 2 - Download version 3.2 of FTManager: Download the new version in the "Software> FTManager" menu at FuelTech site or CLICK HERE to download the new version.Then execute the program, Windows Defender SmartScreen may display a warning message when installing FT Manager.

Here are the steps to follow to install FT Manager if this happens to you:

A - Click More info link:

B - Click the Run anyway and wait for the installation to finish.


Step 3: Open the FTManager software and plug the USB cable into the ECU, click in "Tools" tab and then the icon "ECU Updater".  


 Step 4: A new window will show up, click "Update" and wait until the update ends, when a pop up is displayed on the screen. In the right side of the screen, there will be the "Release Notes", describing all the news about the release.



 FT500, FT500LITE and FT600 v3.2 Update:


•  New engine start crank/cam triggers diagnostic screen:screen with individual RPM indicator for crank trigger and cam sync sensor, indication of synchronization, fuel injection and ignition pulses and cam sync sensor angle. This new diagnostic screen is located at the left from the first Diagnostic screen at the FT500 and FT600 ECU display, it helps to diagnose and setup RPM signal settings.

•  New Real time screen in FT Manager:

  New gauges following the FT600 standard, including LEDs for on/off inputs and graphic gauges;

Support for new sensors including customized ones

Full screen view and pop up window.

•  Cold start with external reservoir: feature considers the engine temperature and applies a preset time to prime a gasoline pump output and cold start solenoid for ethanol engines, used one E100 (Ethanol) engines.

•  RPM activated output: Function allows to activate an output when a RPM is reached, it is also possible to configure the output trigger signal (0V or 12V.)

•  Brake line lock pressure control:

  Dedicated menu for line lock configuration (before it was next to the 2-step menu)

Individual actuation selection: Burnout mode, 2-step and/or 3-step

New option to automatically control the brake pressure, releasing or holding the brake line pressure to the desired pressure, allowing more consistent launch for drag racing.

Requires solid state relay installation to control the line lock solenoid

•  Passwords:

  Added a verification code (captcha) for tunes and ECUs that are password protected

  Redefined Password Protection - Old User and Tuner passwords now become:

ECU Password: Protects the ECU, blocking engine start, menus and communication with FTManager, including blocking the datalogger download.

  Map Password: Protects the intellectual property of a map, and can even link a map to just one ECU through the serial number. Allows to individually select each of the functions that will be blocked by password, thus allowing the user to only access the menus that do not represent risk to the adjustment.

Conversion when upgrading to version 3.2: User and tuner passwords will be converted as follows:

A “ The "Tuner Password" will be converted to "Map Password" while retaining the same locks as the previous version.

A “The "User Password" will be converted to "ECU Password" keeping the same locks set in the previous version.

Conversion when opening old maps saved on PC in an FTManager 3.2:

The "Tuner Password" will be converted to "Map Password".

If the map does not have a "Tuner Password" but has a "User Password" with menus locked, the password will be converted to "Map Password" protecting the menus. If the menu lock option is not set, there will be no password conversion

NOTE: Check the password setting after upgrading and opening maps earlier than 3.20 and make sure the protections are in accordance with your specifications.

• Differential control for Yamaha YXZ1000 UTV:

Yamaha YXZ1000 differential control mode selection. Using differential and OEM switch, the function controls the motor that drives the gears to ensure the correct engagement. * Configuration present only on the touch interface of the equipment.



• USB communication: Improved USB communication by increasing speed when downloading logs and upgrading equipment (approximately 3x faster).

• Accelerometer:

  G Force readings improvement

Created frequency filter adjustment to reduce noise in extreme cases (IMPORTANT: the lower the frequency, the greater the delay/smoothing of the accelerometer reading) 

•  Engine start ignition table: Allows you to set up to 4 values in the engine temperature ignition table (instead of single value), allowing you to set the best starting timing for each engine temperature.

•  Engine Temperature Rev Limiter: Allows you to configure up to 4 values in the RPM rev limiter table by engine temperature (instead of single value), allowing you to set a RPM limiter with a very cold or very hot engine, avoiding damage to the engine.

•  BoostController function:

  Added target for "Pre-launch", used only with "Time after 2-step" setting, it follows the same set TPS and MAP parameters and is active whenever the 2-step button is not pressed (and until there is a valid start), being a way to have wastegate pressure for burnout without the burnout mode being activated.

  New control default values for "FT 2-valve block"

  Increased to 25 "Reaction Levels".

  The default sensor selection for wastegate pressure becomes PS10B.

  Decrease valve have a maximum time of 10s of actuation, preventing actuator damage in cases of pressure sensor with problem or incorrectly configured.

•   Fuel pump function:

  Added "During start" option for cranking aid when used in conjunction with mechanical fuel pump. The pump will be deactivated 1 second after the motor reaches the RPM for engine start.

  Added edition of the prime time to "Timed" and "During start" mode

  Added selection of 0V or 12V output signal

•  Control improvements

  Option to use the cam sync sensor only for synchronization (10 turns of the motor after starting). The cam sync sensor angle continues to be recorded in the log but is no longer considered and therefore its malfunction at high RPM does not affect the operation of the engine.

  Improvement of the ignition dwell strategy when RPM signal loss occurs.

  Improved indication of injection and ignition log channels when RPM signal loss occurs.

  Increased protection to avoid overloading the coils.

• Alerts: FT alerts are recorded in the datalogger Status Events, including the EGT cylinder number that generated the low / high EGT alert.

• Start Button: The dashboard button changes to START/STOP state according to the output signal.

• Pro-Nitrous: New option allows "Always enabled" function, without the need for an external switch, simplifying for the driver since the activation of the nitrous is already restricted to a valid launch and does not happen at the wrong time.

•  Thermatic fan 1 and 2: Added"On/Off" configuration

•  Released advance timing editing (-30 to +30) for the following functions: time based RPM retard, time based retard, time based speed retard and time based driveshaft RPM.

  Now you can advance timing to adjust the traction control in by adding power to the engine in case it is not following the programmed curve.

• FTSPARK: Improvement in engine start by applying maximum power at that time automatically.

•  Improved communication performance between ECU and FT Manager contributing to real-time information.

•  Line lock output: When burnout mode is on the output is active all the time. It has been changed in this version, now the line lock output on 2step is on whenever the 2step input is on, either in 2 step, 3step or burnout mode. In the previous version the line lock on 2 step was on only during 2step mode.

•  Status events: Added events for O2 heating and CAN bus interference

•  FT Manager

  New mathematical channels in the log are automatically enabled when the log is downloaded when conditions exist:

Speed difference between rear and front wheel: it allows better identification of wheel slip.

Engine RPM/driveshaft: indicating the approximate gearbox ratio and slip of the torque converter in automatic gearbox.

Input shaft RPM calculated through the gear ratio and wheel speed/driveshaft RPM, allowing easy interpretation of clutch or torque converter slip.

  Increased resolution of mathematical channels from speed channels.

  Possibility of folder creation in the "Save as" screen

  Reorganization of the FT Datalogger channel groups

  Improved use with low resolution screens that caused false selection.

  Configured O2 sensors indicators helps in the configuration of the sensors used to calculate the average value for the closed loop control, clearly showing which ones exist in the current configuration.

  Improved navigation on time based functions screen.

  FT Datalogger: FT Datalogger: Default window time for a new downloaded LOG changed from 20s to 10s.

  CAN protocol improvements

  Driveshaft RPM scales are the same of the engine RPM in log view.

  Shortcut to edit channel setup directly by right-clicking its name in the list.

  New keyboard shortcuts. To check the updated list, access the hotkeys menu at the up right corner of the FTManager

•  General improvements:

  Improvement in the digital input initialization logic.

  When writing a map, if the engine is running, the idle control function will no longer be reset, thus preventing the engine from shutdown during the process of idle control adjustment.

  Unblocked the cam sync sensor configuration lock if the injection is sequential and rotary engine.

  CAN ports A and B are always activated. Setting "On/Off" is no longer available. Real-time data send selection was maintained.

  Adjustments in texts to improve understanding.

  Improved lock between gear shift, now the off time of the output is fixed at 300ms, allowing shorter times (before the turn-off time was the same as on).

  NHRA variation is no longer displayed, no special version is required for this category anymore.

  New editable filter for frequency channels (driveshaft RPM, input shaft RPM and speeds), allowing for greater or lesser signal smoothing. (NOTE: the higher the smoothing, the less details will be displayed)

  The RPM activated output function is deactivated 0.1 seconds after the RPM value goes below the activation RPM, before it was immediately after.

  The MAP activated output function is deactivated 0.1 seconds after the MAP value goes below the activation MAP, before it was immediately after.

  Closed loop now disregards sudden TPS variations during a validated launch, thus maintaining the closed loop correction throughout the launch in order to avoid undesired deactivation of the closed loop in a situation where the pilot had to close the throttle but the engine continues with load.

  Power shift: integrado na FT600: trigger level for cut reset was changed for cases of sequential gearbox, facilitating the rearmament between one gear and another without damaging the protection.



•  Correction at line lock shutdown when 2-step by speed was set.

•  Correction of the FTSPARK and Alcohol O2 conflict in CAN (FTCAN)

•  Correction in the LOGs with power shift cut information where the displayed time was higher than the one applied although the operation did not have any error.

•  Correction in base map generation by ECU for ignition map when selected high and low compression ratio.

•  Correction in control of power shift function when used in sequential mode (cut occurred in the opposite direction of the lever)

•  Correction for loss of TPS calibration when signal configured on inputs 12 to 20.

•  Correction: Clutch button not hold in 2-step during burnout mode

•  Corrected the clutch position in the Datalogger and in the input linearization table in the FTManager (displayed 1000% instead of 100,0%)

•  Correction of the texts in the FTManager for the activation of the side LEDs: "out of range" and "inside of range" were inverted.

•  Ignition delay: correction of the decimal place exhibition on the value setting field. No changes in the operation were done.

•  Alcohol o2 free air calibration formula fixed via analog input. Reading will not be affected after this update, if calibration is in use it is recommended to perform free air calibration again after update.


  FT Manager  

•  Correction in the BAR => PSI conversion that resulted in a difference in the 3rd decimal place.

•  Error while saving alert value in dashboard configuration to a custom measure

•  Correction in FTSPARK internal temperature conversion

•  Correction in overall trim of the BoostController map in PSI

•  Correction in the display of individual Injection cylinder trim. There were tables that were not displayed in certain situations.

•  Correction on BoostController map conversion from RPM during upgrade to version 3.1

•  New keyboard shortcuts: datalogger – rec log, datalogger – stop log, dashboard – pop up, read ecu, write ecu, new map, open, save, save as, save all, close map, download log.