• I Have a completely stock engine, How much power will i gain from just installing a FuelTech?

    Without any mechanical modifications to the engine, the extra power you gain will be about 10% at the most, after being properly tuned. You can achieve similar results by having the factory ecu professionally tuned for performance, but if your engine factory ECU is damaged or there is no other tuning solution available a FuelTech ECU will be a good option. The benefits of a FuelTech ECU become extremely valuable when you add boost to a N/A engine, add nitrous or have a highly modified engine. It also adds data logging and built in racing and high performance features that can help you out on getting the most out of your combo.

  • Can I install a FuelTech on a carbureted engine?

    A FuelTech ECU can be used to convert a carbureted engine to an electronically fuel injected engine (EFI), you just need to add the proper mechanical parts such as fuel rails, fuel injectors, fuel pump,throttle body, sensors, etc. Usually converting an engine to EFI results in better idle speed control, increased gas mileage (depends on tuning), improved cold start and an engine tune that is less affected by weather changes. Other benefits of a FuelTech system over carburetors is the extensive data logging and performance/racing features such as boost control and drag racing traction control.

  • My car has an automatic transmission, can i still install a FuelTech ECU?

    FuelTech ECUs can only control automatic transmissions in drag racing mode at this time like air shifting on 2 or 3 speed, for street use you must keep the factory transmission ECU. Some transmission controllers are built into the factory engine ECU, installing the FuelTech ECU parallel to the OEM this is the way to use a FuelTech ECU with your computer controlled automatic transmission without needing an external controller.

  • Do I need to hire a tuner to tune my FuelTech ECU?

    Although the FuelTech ECU is based on a DIY concept, it is highly recommended that it is installed and tuned by someone with experience in electronic fuel injection systems and tuning. A helpful and precise tool to aid in proper tuning of your efi system is a wideband O2 sensor to monitor the engine's air fuel ratio.

  • Who can install a FuelTech ECU?

    FuelTech ECUs are sold with detailed instruction manuals and wiring diagrams. Any person with good mechanical and electrical aptitude, with some experience in electronic fuel injection systems can install a FuelTech ecu. We also provide an extensive Tech Support that can help you get started, from wiring to tune setup.